Executive Staff

Nobu Kimoto

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Mr. Kimoto has over 27 years of experience as a marketing strategist, director and founder of a marketing and promotional company in Japan and US. After graduating from University in Tokyo, Mr. Kimoto began working in the field of TV commercial production. After creating a wide variety of commercials for broadcast, he headed an event production team as a marketing strategist, which carried out corporate exhibitions and promotional events. In 1990, a division was set up to focus on PR activities for motor sports, and Kimoto headed that effort, developing PR campaigns for Japanese corporations to coincide with F-1 GP events worldwide. In 1997, Mr. Kimoto moved to the United States and began working as the Vice President of a marketing firm. In 2002, he established his own marketing company, Kaizen International and has supported many Japanese companies to expand their business in US market.  In September 2004, he joined with Japan’s ZYX Group to establish a new marketing and publishing company, Arco New York, Inc. In 2010, Arco New York changed it’s name to UNIVA America, Inc. which has a capital tie-up with UNIVA Capital group. Mr. Kimoto is now President of UNIVA America Inc and continues to promote Japanese businesses in the US market.


Hide Ashizawa
Executive Vice President / CMO

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After graduating from an American university, Mr. Ashizawa joined the major American rating agency, Moody’s, where he began work in market analysis and marketing. Since then, he has continued to work in the fields of marketing and business, and he has conducted advisory research for small and medium-sized Japanese companies wishing to enter the US market. Mr. Ashizawa has had over 15 years of experience working in major American and Japanese corporations, and has a deep understanding of both business environments. His extensive marketing experience and long residence in the United States (20 years) give him a unique and extensive network, extending across a wide range of fields, which Mr. Ashizawa draws upon to offer decisive, insightful, and creative service to Univa America’s clients.