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UNIVA America, Inc., undertook a project to update the brochures and all of the printing samples used by RISO Kagaku (Shiba, Tokyo, JAPAN). The objective of the project is to boost RISO Kagaku’s U.S. operations. RISO Kagaku is a development-oriented company that provides unique solutions in the paper communication field. They distribute their products in over 150 countries and manufacture the world’s fastest full-color cut sheet inkjet printers.

When you want to promote your products in a foreign country, one of the key components for success is the degree to which you can adapt to that country’s business culture. UNIVA America, Inc., worked together with experienced designers and editors to make unique and high-quality informative materials that would effectively reach out to customers in American companies. The printing samples are also designed to display the exceptional quality of RISO printers. See the samples below!

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Riso image1 Riso image2


 Riso image22Riso image21Riso image20Riso image14Riso image15


Riso image19Riso image18Riso image17


Riso image3 Riso image12 Riso image5Riso image6Riso image11

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