Japanese Ramen Shop Opened its first US shop in Manhattan

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UNIVA America provides a comprehensive service, such as advertisements or website design in order to attract local customers.    



ZUNDO-YA, a ramen restaurant chain currently has 19 shops in Japan and famous for its Tonkotsu Ramen (ramen in pork-based soup), opened its first US shop in Manhattan’s East Village. UNIVA America, Inc. has been providing a comprehensive service, such as website design and development, advertisements, as well as media relationships and SNS etc. in order to attract local customers’ interest and attention, since even before they opened the restaurant.

Since its first opening day, December 11th, the shop has been packed with New Yorkers who love ramen and we could see some customers outside of the shop waiting in line to enter. The internet review such as Yelp shows that people are really enjoying ZUNDO-YA’s authentic tonkotsu soup, which was developed by the founder and president of ZUNDO-YA, Mr. Tastsuya Hashimoto throughout his trial and error. Furthermore, customers surely enjoy Japanese hospitality, “Omotenashi”, which president Hashimoto would like customers in NY to experience here at ZUNDO-YA NY besides his ramen.

Although it has been just few days since ZUNDO-YA opened in NY, not only people from media and

food blogs but customers have been talking about ZUNDO-YA on their SNS, such as Facebook and Instagram. President Hashimoto and his staff, who came from Japan to help NY shops’ opening, really satisfied with this great success of their start.

With the company motto, “Keep aiming higher!” and President Hashimoto’s dream, “to open more than 1,000 shops all over the world”, ZUNDO-YA will keep developing to become a “No.1 ramen chain” in the world. UNIVA America Inc. will also keep providing a strategic services to enhance their publicity and promotion in order to attract as many customers as possible.


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