マーケティング コンサルティングMarketing Consulting
At Univa America, we don’t simply sit back and give our clients armchair theories.
We offer “Action Marketing” that focuses on selling the product, and we work collaboratively with clients to turn marketing strategies into action.

Univa America provides a broad range of services including trademark research, preparation of trademark applications, copyright administration support, research on overseas licensed products and license negotiations.


海外展示会Trade Show Support
Univa America goes beyond the basic support services for trade show exhibitors; we work with each individual client to provide the detailed preparation needed prior to the show and the attentive follow-up required afterward to ensure success.

エネルギーコンサルティングEnergy Consulting
Univa America has formed a partnership with a US authorized energy consultant to offer clients a unique, risk-free opportunity to reduce utilities costs and conserve natural resources.


メディアプロダクションMedia Production
Univa America offers comprehensive production service for the planning, design, and management of all aspects of corporate communications—websites; printed materials (promotional brochures, pamphlets, etc.); TV commercials; promotional videos; etc.