Trademark Registration
A trademark is a name or symbol that is used by a particular company to represent a product, service, or the company itself, and which is legally registered so that no other manufacturer can use it. However, even if a trademark is registered in Japan, those rights are not transferable to other countries. Univa America works with experienced lawyers in this field to register trademarks for our clients’ products and services in the United States and other countries.


Copyright Management
In recent years, as business schemes have become increasingly diverse, copyright issues have become increasingly complex and require greater work to protect. In particular, since business services are provided over the Internet, a company’s original content can easily be copied and distributed around the world in the blink of an eye. Conversely, we are now seeing the emergence of a “rights business,” which has evolved as part of the intellectual property field, allowing a company to generate income from the secondary and tertiary use of copyrights. In order to assist our clients in making full use of their copyrights, Univa America helps companies formally obtain copyrights for products and services overseas and manage those rights carefully.


Sponsorship Research and Negotiation
Univa America conducts analyses of the expected value of sponsorship opportunities in the United States. In other words, what is the expected return to our client’s business if they pay a sponsorship fee to a specific organization? For example, in the sports field in the United States, the various professional athletic leagues hold the rights to sporting goods and business development in their respective sports. Based on our staff’s long experience and drawing on our extensive networks, Univa America is able to conduct the appropriate analyses of the expected benefit to our client from a sponsorship deal, and based on that, present them with a reasonable line and conditions for negotiations.


Product Licensing Research and Negotiations
When our clients are searching for licensed products to sell in the Japanese market, Univa America negotiates with the holder of those rights on their behalf. If you just use a lawyer who knows licensing laws, the contract ends up reflecting the demands of the company that owns the rights and leaves you at a disadvantage in negotiations. Instead, We start by gathering a variety of marketing data, and based on this data, We work with a lawyer who specializes in licensing to gain the maximum advantage in negotiations. By coming to the table having had us do this homework first, our client is more likely to be seen by the rights holder as being well qualified to expand their business and therefore be more willing to negotiate with our client.


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