Marketing Consulting


There are a lot of marketing companies out there that, when commissioned to do marketing research and strategic planning, come back with reports and proposals that are as thick as a phone book. It seems like a desperate attempt on the part of some companies to say to their clients, “Look how much time we spent working for you!” And at the end of their thick proposal, loaded with explanations written in hard-to-decipher jargon, they close with, “We wish your company the best,” and take their leave.

At Univa America, we don’t offer armchair theories about how to market a product, we provide “Action Marketing” that helps our clients translate marketing ideas into action and results. We work together with each client to find solutions, and then we take a comprehensive approach to actually “selling” the products, working together with the client to carry out the marketing strategies.

The normal “marketing mix” is usually comprised of the 4Ps: product, price, promotion, and place. But at Univa America, based on our staff’s extensive business experience in the United States, we have replaced the 4Ps with the 4Cs to create a marketing mix that better reflects the needs of the American market.

Univa America also offers branding that complements the above-mentioned product strategy. And, using our extensive network within the United States, we support our clients in a wide range of areas such as helping them set up a new company in the United States, acting as their US representative, developing new distribution routes, and developing their franchise. We also offer PR and promotion service such as building company’s website (with E-commerce) as well as SNS marketing/promotion which plays an important rolls in current US market. At the same time, our extensive network and group affiliates in Japan allow us to offer the same level of service to American companies seeking to enter or expand their business in the Japanese market.


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