Plannning and Production of Videos
Univa America plans and creates the commercials and promotional videos essential to advertising and sales promotions, and works to ensure that they are focused appropriately on our client’s target audience. We begin by listening to our client’s ideas on the image that they want to project and use that to develop a basic concept. Then, drawing on our broad network in the U.S., we identify the most appropriate production specialists. We will negotiate with and sign the talent, scout locations, secure the necessary permits, arrange for the film crew and equipment, book the editing studio, etc. We take care of everything from the scheduling to the actual production process to the financial negotiations.


Website Design and Implementation
When trying to develop your business internationally and entering overseas markets, the first thing that people look at is your website. It is the “face” of your company, creating an identity that reflects your business activities and philosophy. It can sell your products and create a positive image of your company. Keeping in mind the key points that international business specialists focus on, We ask what type of wording and design is needed to expand our clients’ business and how their design can be improved to increase traffic to the site (e.g., SEO strategy). In addition, we provide expert technical support such as providing e-commerce functions and site maintenance.


Corporate Brochures, and Product Pamphlets
Univa America plans and creates printed promotional materials for our client companies and their products. We use American or other local designers and copywriters to create effective marketing tools that appeal to customers in the target market





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