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Trade show exhibits require detailed planning and oversight to be effective. Particularly if your company is based in another country, the idea of carrying out the minute planning needed prior to the event, thinking through the flow of the work so that the event will run smoothly, and following up after the show can be a daunting challenge. You might be worrying, “Are the preparations really perfect?” “Will we get any appointments to discuss deals?” “Can we really run a booth overseas?”

Drawing on our staff’s extensive business experience and networks in Japan and the United States, Univa America offers marketing consulting and trade show advisory services tailored particularly to Japanese companies that are entering or expanding their sales in the US market. At the same time, through our affiliated firms in Japan, we are able to offer similar services to American companies seeking to exhibit at trade shows in Japan.

Exhibiting products at a trade show is an important element in marketing strategy, offering a practical and highly effective way to test your product’s appeal in the US or Japanese market. However, to achieve your objectives at a trade show, a lot of issues need to be considered and resolved, and detailed planning before the event is critical. By using Univa America’s Trade Show Advisory Service, our clients can rest assured that their exhibit will run smoothly and professionally.


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