Conducted a persona research in NY and Berlin for METREA

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persona2UNIVA America, Inc. has conducted a persona research in New York and Berlin as part of marketing strategy for METREA, the latest bicycle brand of Shimano, Inc. Since the theme of METREA is Urban Sports, we focused on people in urban areas. In order to convey the targeted audience’s comments and feedbacks directly to the clients, we made appointment with 13 people in NY and 11 people in Berlin and asked them about their urban lifestyle in detail. Besides that, we supported our clients by closely examining all the aspects of the interviews, providing specific advices on the contents, accompanying them on the interviews, and translating.

Most of the target persons are active on the front line of businesses such as fashion, food, advertising, and music industries, lawyers, and real estate agents. In addition to the interviews, we asked them to give METREA a test run.
personaIn interiew, they gave us their thoughts about the urban life with bicycles, favorite media, usage of social media, and specific hobbies and indulgences. In one-on-one hearing, we were able to dig deeper into their insights that could not be attained through group research like focus group. Furthermore, we had opportunities to visit their offices and homes, which let us feel their lifestyle in our bones.

persona3Through this fruitful persona research, we successfully collected exploitable information for future marketing and promotion for METREA. The clients were highly pleased with the results.

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