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Benesse America’s new StraightAce math tutorial app for iPhone and Android platforms is a quiz-style learning tool that lets elementary and middle school students spend about 15 minutes a day answering 10 questions, overcoming their weak points in a way that makes learning fun and effortless.  ( www.straightace.com )


The app also has a feature that lets parents or guardians go online to the StraightAce Link to check their child’s progress and quickly identify the areas in which the student is struggling. In addition, the app allows children to send messages to their parents and vice-versa, encouraging education-related communication between parent and child. Also, because parents can access the questions and explanations of the answers, they are able to get a detailed picture of what their child understands and where they are getting tripped up.


StraightAce Link lets parents check their child’s progress and quickly identify the areas in which the student is struggling, and message each other for extra support.


UNIVA America is pursuing a comprehensive approach to broadly publicize this innovative, cutting-edge system. In addition to the major media, we are conducting a thorough analysis of the educational market in the United States and, based on that, we are planning various events to allow students, many of whom have gotten out of the habit of self-learning, to actually try the app themselves. In another participation-based plan, we are inviting students who register to use the app to create avatars that will be incorporated into the app. These PR strategies are designed to appeal directly to the students and their guardians and promote the diffusion of the product.


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