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In order to assist RISO KAGAKU CORP. in its efforts to develop a new printing machine, UNIVA America carried out research on related companies in the USA, focusing on the Midwest region. For the purposes of this research, as well as to advance the company’s sales business in the USA, UNIVA began by compiling a list of all related companies in the United States.

Additionally, as part of its market research, UNIVA arranged to have RISO KAGAKU personnel attend a trade show, the “2013 Corr Expo,” which was held on October 7–9 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The entire trip was coordinated by UNIVA to ensure that the business trip went smoothly and produced maximum results, and UNIVA’s executive vice president, Mr. Hidetomo Ashizawa, accompanied the RISO KAGAKU CORP. research team. At the trade show, he assisted them by translating for them and talking to key industry representatives to survey the state of the field. While in Indianapolis, the group also held meetings with a number of relevant leading companies, with UNIVA providing translation services and general guidance during the meetings.

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