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On May 16–19, 2015, SHOKUEN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shingu, Wakamiya Prefecture) exhibited its products at a booth at the National Restaurant Association Show (NRA Show) in Chicago—the largest food-related trade show in the United States. The show is a national food event, attracting about 63,000 people each year from more than 100 countries around the globe, and UNIVA America, Inc., worked closed with SHOKUEN to comprehensively produce its participation in the trade show.


The starting point for the booth was the objective of spreading awareness of SHOKUEN’s Buri (Japanese amberjack), which SHOKUEN raises on the coast of Japan, by promoting many ways to prepare and enjoy the fish other than just sushi and sashimi. We invited Chef Arima, the owner of a well-known Italian restaurant in Japan, Passo a Passo, to come to Chicago to offer cooking demonstrations at the SHOKUEN booth and to prepare various samples for visitors to try. UNIVA America offered comprehensive support for the event—providing advice on how to construct the booth in a way that made the most effective use of the demonstrations, creating all the necessary signage for the booth, and supporting SHOKUEN from setup through to the end of the event.


SHOKUEN was established in May 2013 with support from the city of Shingu and from Kinki University, which is renowned for its success in utilizing full-cycle aquaculture to raise bluefin tuna, and with funding from Japan’s leading aquacultural firms and major publicly listed corporations (the largest shareholder is Tokyo Ichiban Foods Co., Ltd., known for its Tora-fugu chain of blowfish restaurants), and they are now in the process of developing their business structure. SHOKUEN is building a factory in Shingu that will serve as the base for its processing and overseas shipping. It will be producing fillets and other cuts of domestically farm-raised Buri and other fish for export to the United States and other countries around the world.

UNIVA America will continue to work with SHOKUEN as it exhibits its products at several trade shows each year and we will be providing various other marketing-related support as well (media, buying, production, US sales support, etc.).

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