Promoting Kuraban technology into the U.S. market

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A Japanese venture company, MARS Company, Inc. (Gunma, Japan) has invented a new refrigeration technology, the Kuraban system, and has contracted with SandenVendo America, Inc. (SVA), a producer and distributor of chilled beverage vending machines with a 75 year history, to promote its product in the US market.

As a first step in expanding this business in the US, UNIVA America, Inc. (UNIVA) advised SVA to participate in one of the biggest food industry trade shows in the country, the NRA Show, which will be held in Chicago on May 20–23. UNIVA will be providing comprehensive support for SVA’s promotional efforts at the tradeshow.


UNIVA will also be involved in their marketing activities as a sales representative for the Kuraban system in the United States. Once SVA has received the required US certifications, UNIVA, as their sales representative, will be promoting this new technology in the US market not only by supporting its introduction at trade shows but also by introducing the product to related business enterprises in the United States, such as the food industry, florist industry, and medical industry.


The “Kuraban system” is a revolutionary technology that overturns conventional food preservation theory. It has won a prestigious innovation award given jointly by the Japan Ministry of Economy, Trade and Investment and the Ministry of Education, and was featured in a TV documentary in Japan. The Kuraban system’s unique technology allows food to be kept at temperatures under 0°C without freezing and prevents the growth of bacteria within foods so that food is maintained in better condition and for a significantly longer period of time than in a conventional refrigerator or freezer.

Its proprietary technology also allows food to be aged and preserved at the same time. In other words, the Kuraban system makes it possible to achieve two conflicting effects at the same time—maintaining the freshness of food and aging food.

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